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EHSD – EHR Hunt Stress Disorder

Are you “worn out, drug out, and generally pooped” about the search for the perfect EMR? If so, the diagnosis might be what Dr. Gregg describes as EHSD — the EHR Hunt Stress Disorder. Sometimes it is hard to know which EHR company to go with, with over 600 out there. Knowing how to narrow the options down quickly might make the decision a little bit easier, and EHSD less severe.

The Happy EMR Doctor

Readers Speak About Computing in Front of Patients

Should not only use, but discuss, EMR in front of patients? Dr. Michael West recently wrote about computing in front of patients. Readers responded about their thoughts on it and hardly any had negative feelings. In this post, Dr. West responds to the comments readers left and how he feels that EMR is here to stay.

Wired EMR Doctor

EMR Workflow Continues to Evolve

Over the last seven years, Dr. Michael Koriwchak has implemented electronic medical records into his practice. While there has been some trial-and-error involved, the skills his staff and him have concerning EMR continually become more fine-tuned. Dr. Koriwchak talks about two different types of workflow, and which one he prefers. He reflects on how the combination of “successful web portal with a sophisticated workflow engine operated by staff” allows a practice to use EMR even more efficiently.

Smartphone Healthcare

New Friend Request . . . From the Family Doctor? 

Social Media is becoming more and more popular, so doctors and hospitals everywhere are jumping on the bandwagon. Would you follow your doctor on Twitter or Facebook, or is that crossing the line for a patient-doctor relationship? The pros and cons of the growing trend for medical professionals going virtual are discussed.

Hospital EMR and EHR

Issues to Consider When Offering Hospital-Subsidized EMRS

Hospitals have started offering subsidized EMRs recently to physicians. While these might be tempting to accept, a physician must be careful about the conditions on which the EMR is accepted. Before accepting a hospital-EMR deal, be sure to read this list of questions to ask the hospital offering it.

EHR and EMR Videos

Smoking Cessation With the Waiting Room Solutions EMR System

There are quite a few preventative measurements required for EHR Incentive Meaningful Use and CQM Compliance. A video from Waiting Room Solutions provides a “how-to” video on how to use the Web-based EMR system for Smoking Cessation.

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