InterSystems Launches Next-Generation HealthShare Platform/InterSystems

InterSystems Corporation, is launching a major new version of its HealthShare strategic informatics platform.  Just as a reminder, InterSystems  is a global leader in software for connected care with headquarters in Cambridge, MA, offices in 23 countries and annual 2011 revenues of more than $375M. They provide multiple database, integration, and analytics technologies to a large customer base with about 80% of annual revenues derived from the healthcare sector. Additional info is at

Now, for the upcoming HealthShare launch–for years, healthcare providers have been implementing clinically-focused EHR Systems at the point of care. Now, those organizations are recognizing that deployment of even the most sophisticated EHR application is only the first step. The next-generation HealthShare platform was developed to add value to connected care by delivering new technologies that can intelligently aggregate and unlock patient data across systems rather than just focusing on connecting systems at a transactional level. New technologies in HealthShare that add value include:

  • Unlocked Data Delivery—Patented InterSystems iKnow technology makes it possible to retrieve and utilize unstructured healthcare data—clinical notes, for example—that, until now, has been largely inaccessible. Unlike standard text search approaches, iKnow technology can automatically discover the concepts within text with need for a pre-defined dictionary or other costly set-up, automatically analyze documents and text, identify the relevant relationships and present the user with simple navigation to get to content.
  • Active Analytics—Active Analytics technology embedded within HealthShare enables access to up-to-the-minute patient data from every point of care in order to drive informed decisions that can improve outcome. This HealthShare component continuously collects, aggregates, normalizes, and presents data from across, within, and beyond a single healthcare organization to present opportunities for action and improved performance that isn’t possible when providers rely only on retrospective analysis.

Combining these new technologies with HealthShare’s core capabilities enables transformation to the data-based, patient-centric care delivery model that providers want to implement.