EMR Voice Recognition, EMR As Medical Devices, ACOs and HIEs, Top 100 Hospitals, and MU Stage 1 Money

I’m traveling in what I consider the heart of healthcare IT: Boston. Everywhere you turn and look there’s healthcare all around. I’ve seen multiple vans with Partners on them. I even had a mobile health story in the Delta magazine I checked out on my flight out. Although, I’m not actually in Boston for work. I’m just here on vacation with my wife. So far I’ve done a pretty good job enjoying the vacation and not working. We’ll see how the last couple days go.

Don’t worry Boston, I’ll be back in two weeks for Health 2.0 Boston and we’ll get all the #HITsm crew together for some healthcare IT fun. Yes, bad planning on my part, but I do have an affinity for visiting Boston.

Ok, enough of the sidebar. Now to the usual round up of Healthcare IT tweets:

Is there an EMR where you can’t use voice recognition? I wrote a post on that a long time ago where the answer was no. They can all use voice recognition. Although, as I’ve written about the deep embedding of voice in some EMRs, it’s also true that not all EMR voice recognition is created equal. So, check it out if you like voice.

My answer is that they’re not medical devices. I think we have more than enough regulation in EMRs and I haven’t seen that regulation actually improve EMR software. So, I’m against more EMR regulation.

It’s true that many EHR vendors hold the blame for not exchanging data even if they put on nice demos at the Interoperability exchange at HIMSS. How about next year the interoperability showcase at HIMSS can only show actual implementations of real exchanges? I wonder how different it would be.

This top lists are always fun to click and rarely have much value. Although, to me it probably mostly shows a correlation by the money made and the IT implemented. The more money they have the more likely they are to implement healthcare IT.

Stage 4? You have to have completed every EMR stage (ie. Full implementation).

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