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I figured it was time to do a quick update on the progress we’ve seen in Hospital EMR and EHR. It first started back in May of last year, so it’s still less than one year old. Hospital EMR and EHR just passed 50,000 pageviews in that time and this will make its 143 post with 209 comments. All of those are really good numbers for a website that’s less than one year old. Particularly with as tight a niche as hospital EMR and EHR. A big thank you to all those who read and particularly those who subscribe to the Hospital EMR and EHR newsletter.

Since it’s one of the trademarks of every website on the Healthcare Scene blog network, I’m extremely excited by the quality traffic and search terms that are finding Hospital EMR and EHR. Here’s a sample list of some of the top search terms people have used to find Hospital EMR and EHR:
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I also want to take a second to thank the first two sponsors of Hospital EMR and EHR.

Elsevier – There are actually a whole bunch of healthcare products under the Elsevier umbrella. Although, the one that Elsevier is advertising on Hospital EMR and EHR is their Gold Standard Drug Database. I have an interview coming out soon on Elsevier’s Gold Standard Drug Database that I think is going to open up a bunch of people’s eyes. It’s one thing to have a database of drugs. It’s another thing to build what I’d call a smart drug database like Elsevier has done.

NoMoreClipboard – The iMPak device that NoMoreClipboard is promoting is one of the most interesting technologies I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s so simple that it almost makes you sick to see it in action. Sick because it’s so simple, but so powerful and so you wish you’d thought of it first. I’ll be interested to see the details of their implementation of the iMPak in a number of hospital situations and the results of those implementations. Although, I can see value in the simplicity of what they’ve created.

If you’re interested in details about advertising on Hospital EMR and EHR, feel free to drop us a note on our Contact Us page.

Thanks to everyone who reads Hospital EMR and EHR and support the work we do here. Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the wonderful Anne Zieger who’s written 122 of the 143 posts for Hospital EMR and EHR. This site wouldn’t be the same without her.

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