Are iPads Good For Healthcare? A Few Video Viewpoints

Within, say, six months of its introduction, bloggers were already waxing rhapsodic over the potential of the iPad to transform the practice of medicine.

Many industry observers still do see the iPad as one of the defining moments in health IT, and many clinicians couldn’t be parted from their iPad with a crowbar.

But these days, as news of iOS security issues become more widespread, hospitals struggle with integrating iPads into their infrastructure and doctors grow weary of the iPad’s awkward data entry format, the elegant device is making some enemies as well as friends. OK, not enemies, exactly, but for some clinicians and IT leaders that early thrill is gone.

Given how perceptions of the device are shifting, I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at three takes on the iPad today. The first is from a hospital CIO, the second an interview with a doctor an Israeli hospital, and the third with a US physician. Check them out; there’s an interesting range of perspectives here.

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Anne Zieger

Anne Zieger

Anne Zieger is a healthcare journalist who has written about the industry for 30 years. Her work has appeared in all of the leading healthcare industry publications, and she's served as editor in chief of several healthcare B2B sites.