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As you know, every Sunday I like to round up some of the various tweets I’ve seen out there talking about EMR, EHR, Healthcare IT and related subjects. Some are funny. Some are insightful. Some are interesting. Some are awkward. Some are way out there. In fact, isn’t that the beauty and the beast of Twitter? It includes all of those things from anyone who wants to participate. The nice thing is that you can always ignore someone if you don’t like what they’re saying.

With that said, this week’s edition of my healthcare IT Twitter roundup is focused on comments and announcements from a number of healthcare IT companies. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting.

This article is written by Dave Chase. I had the chance to see a demo of his Avado product last week. I’ll do a full writeup on it at some point in the future. Let’s just say I was impressed with Dave and his view of the healthcare IT world. I’m not sure I agree that meaningful use 2.0 is about talking to patients. Sure, it cracks the door open a little bit, but doctors can easily shut it again.

This won’t be a surprise to those who work in the industry. Although, this was from a survey of professionals in healthcare IT. Doesn’t seem like the best methodology for making this conclusion.

I first learned about these services from Dell at HIMSS. I’d been meaning to write about them and just never have been able to fit it into my publishing schedule. Until I do, I think it’s interesting to note that Dell’s offering these clinical help desk services to hospitals.

I’ve been a fan of Practice Fusion’s culture ever since the “scrappy” part was exhibited by their PR person trying to get me to write about them on my site a number of years back. It’s been quite interesting to see the company evolve. In the past I described them as the most “silicon valley” startup EMR company out there. I’ll be interested to see what “silicon valley” path the company takes from here. Startup companies are a hobby of mine and so it will be quite interesting to see Practice Fusion evolve as they continue to grow the company. Considering the amount of funding they’ve taken on, they’re going to have to grow the company really big in order to provide their VC’s the required return. When you grow that big that fast it’s a challenge to keep the culture.

Full Disclosure: Practice Fusion is an advertiser on this website.

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