Nuesoft Podcast Series: The Medical Entrepreneur

The altruistic reason that doctors go into medicine to help people is certainly valid, but the other less talked about reason is to earn a living. Being part of a practice through ownership or employment means you are participating in a (hopefully) money-making venture. This isn’t something physicians are taught over the course of their vast amount of schooling. Any doctor about to start a practice, or join one, needs to have a basic knowledge in contracts, insurance and making money. Top selling author, Steven M. Hacker MD, discusses the business side of owning a practice and provides insight into what doctors should be on the lookout for before making the leap into a private practice.
Steven M. Hacker, M.D., author of The Medical Entrepreneur Pearls, Pitfalls & Practical Business Advice for Doctors and founder of The Medical Entrepreneur Symposium for Physicians (March 29, 2012 Delray Beach, Fl.)



Watch the video here.