LivHome Joins With Independa to Enhance Home Healthcare for Seniors

Baby boomers are quickly reaching the age of retirement, and the expected healthcare needs of this aging generation are already having an impact on the healthcare system.  One of the biggest needs is going to be in the realm of home healthcare, as there is simply no way that the current system will be able to support them.

LivHome is one of the leaders in at-home healthcare, and they recently joined with Independa to make their offerings even more valuable.  This new offering will utilize Independa’s cloud based services to enhance the care that health providers will be able to offer.

While some of the most important offerings in the healthcare realm will be the doctor’s ability to more easily communicate with their patients, help patients more accurately take their medications, and alert users of emergency situations, there is something else about the offering that caught my eye.

This new service will also provide a social engagement feature.  In essence, this new device will be a computer that will allow patients to play games, email, chat with family, and record their life stories.

That last one is what really caught my attention.

Some of my fondest memories are from spending hour after hour with my grandparents working and playing, but most importantly, listening to their stories.  I would give anything to have those stories documented somewhere.  In hindsight I should have written them down myself.

Now users will have the ability to put those stories, their personal history, into a format that can be saved forever.  I realize that many people will not use this feature, but the value that it will have for the ones that do will be incredible.

All of our lives will come to an end at some point, and all that will be left behind is our personal history and those who will be able to enjoy it.  I am so excited to see a healthcare offering that provides a means for those histories to be easily recorded.