Tattoos that Vibrate Could Have Numerous Applications

Tattoos are a pretty polarizing subject.  Most people either think they are awesome, or think they are disgusting and/or desecrate the body.  Personally, I have always thought small simple ones can be very cool but have never gotten one because of the whole permanent nature of the process.

Scientists are now working on a way to make tattoos that can vibrate much like your cellphone.  In fact, that is one of the applications that they are hoping to make work.  According to an article in the Toronto Star, you wouldn’t have to be right next to your phone if you were waiting for an important call.  You could be out swimming or otherwise exercising and when you felt the tattoo vibrate you could retrieve your phone and not miss the call.

There is a whole slew of ideas for applying tattoos in healthcare, many of which have been covered by MedGadget, and like many other ideas this one may still be years away from becoming a reality, but it does get you thinking about the things that have seemed impossible becoming a reality in the not so distant future.

What kind of technology would you like to see become a reality?

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David Lynn

David Lynn


  • FYI. The vibrating tattoo was a subject on NPR’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me last weekend.

    In the segment called Bluff the Listener, their panel of humorists tells three implausible stories and a caller gets guess which one is true.

    Jessi Klein told about Nokia ‘s patent for the vibrating tatto. Among other things she said, “The downside of the tattoo is that if you want to get it lasered off, you may have to wait until your contract with Sprint expires.”

    The caller didn’t believe her and lost by thinking it was another story.

    I can’t blame him. for the show

  • That is awesome. I don’t know that I would believe it either if I hadn’t seen it. Though there is not much that is outside the realm of possibility at this point.

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