Make a Spring Resolution

With spring officially upon us, bringing with it the sense of new life, warmth, and the excitement that rises from the cold of winter every year, I’ve thought about how we can use this time to bring in a new season in our professional journeys.  I’m sure that many of you made New Year’s Resolutions right around the time you were hanging up that new 2012 wall calendar, but maybe the start of spring is an even better to make those pledges to change.

Spring can represent a new start, not just for the buds on the trees and the baby birds in the nests, but for our careers.  So, I decided to think of some resolutions that would be perfect to start specifically at this time of year.

1. Take a walk during lunch every day.  You need to get away from that desk and soak in the energy that only fresh air and physical movement can bring.  Allowing yourself 20 minutes for such a break will make you even more productive in your office for the rest of the afternoon.

2. Plant a garden or take up bird watching.  In my book, Act As If It Were Impossible to Fail, I share the strong value I place in developing a hobby.  These outside interests will work your brain in a new way and prevent you from being consumed by work.

3. Talk with your neighbors about organizing a community clean-up day.  I believe we all should look for ways to give back and become invested in the people who live around us.  Cleaning up a playground or a school yard is a great service project and will give you the chance to interact with people on your street with whom you may have never had a conversation before.    Someone who is connected to his neighbors and their needs will be a more well-rounded person and that benefits him in every aspect of life.

Can you think of some others? What are some opportunities to act that are unique to this spring season and that can promote positive change in our professional and personal lives?

About the author


Joe Lavelle

Joe Lavelle is the Co-Founder of intrepidNow. Prior to that Joe was an accomplished healthcare IT executive and career coach with a record of successfully meeting the business and technology challenges of diverse organizations including health plans, health delivery networks, health care companies, and several Fortune 500 companies.

Joe is also the author of Act As If It Were Impossible To Fail, available on Amazon.