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It’s getting close to a year since I last wrote a post about the companies who support the work we do here at EMR and EHR. Since it has been so long, I thought I’d just list all of the companies that have ads on EMR and EHR and say a few thoughts about each company. I also dug back into my archives and figured out how long they’ve been advertising with me. It’s amazing to see some advertisers going all the way back to 2009.

Practice Fusion – Advertiser since 4/2010 – I had to really dig into my email to see when Practice Fusion first started advertising on EMR and EHR. A name change made it even harder, but I found the original email when Kellie first emailed about Practice Fusion advertising. I imagine most people know about Practice Fusion’s Free EHR. I should ask them how many people have signed up for their EHR from ads on my sites. Considering it’s free, I bet it’s a large number of sign ups. It’s really quite amazing how far Practice Fusion has come in the past few years and I think they’re really just getting started. I love having front row seats to the Free EHR model at work.

Ambir – Advertiser since 1/2010 – I’ve been a fan of Ambir ever since I my clinic had to drop a few thousand dollars on non-Ambir scanners for their office. Sure, for a few thousand dollars the clinic got some great scanners that worked well, but if I’d known about Ambir at the time we could have saved a lot of money. I’m planning to do a full write up of their Ambir ADF scanner. It’s a really sweet product at a much better price point than the other industrial strength scanners out there.

SOAPWare – Advertiser since 7/2010 – Not only has SOAPWare been a long time supporter of EMR and EHR, but they’re also regular readers of my sites and some of the nicest people you’ll meet in this world. I think it’s the southern roots of the company along with their founder, Randall Oates, MD, that guides who they are as a company. If you ever get the chance to sit down and talk with Randall Oates, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. He’s been doing EHR software since before it was called EHR software. I think that’s reflected in SOAPWare’s approach to EHR development.

Mitochon – Advertiser since 12/2010 – Founded by Dr. Andre Vovan, Mitochon has a vision around connecting doctors through a Free EHR, Free PM, and Free HIE. In many ways, when I first met Andre Vovan and Mitochon back in 2010 he was already talking about what we now call ACOs. Offering the whole suite of health IT services (EHR, PM, and HIE) for Free is a really interesting way to be able to achieve an ACO and for that matter connected healthcare.

Amazing Charts – Advertiser since 5/2011 – One thing that sets Amazing Charts apart from other EHR software is that it was founded and first created by a physician, Dr. Jonathan Bertman. At HIMSS I had a meeting with Dr. Bertman and at one point he described how Amazing Charts didn’t mind leaving money on the table. I found it a really interesting way to describe their corporate approach to not try and nickel and dime the doctor at every corner. I think this approach is something that doctors really appreciate when their selecting and purchasing an EHR.

Elsevier – Advertiser since 9/2011 – I’m sure many of you have seen the name Elsevier all over healthcare. They are a company with a large footprint in healthcare across a variety of parts. In the case of EMR and EHR, Elsevier is advertising their Gold Standard Drug Database. For those who don’t realize it, EHR vendors don’t create their own drug database (with very few exceptions). Instead, EHR vendors rely on databases like Elsevier’s Gold Standard Drug Database. Turns out this is a much better model. Most EHR vendors would do a terrible job trying to create a drug database themselves.

Medical Mastermind – Advertiser since 1/2012 – Originally started as a practice management system, Medical Mastermind has been working in healthcare since 1984. They take a very hands on approach to supporting their customers and while they’re known for their practice management software, they’ve also added EMR and ePrescribing as well.

Cerner – Advertiser since 9/2011 – Do I really need to go into who Cerner is? Their one of the industry heavy weights in the EHR world. One thing I’ve personally found interesting in my interactions with Cerner was the type of forward looking features they’re discussing. They seem to have taken a really broad look at what EHR will be like 20 or 30 years from now. They’re asking questions like, How are we going to deal with a 50 year patient record? This is probably deserving of its own post, but I was intrigued by their look at EHR software and being able to do things now that will make life better for doctors in the future.

HITR – Advertiser since 1/2012 – HITR is an interesting Healthcare IT community built around research. Brought to us by Porter Research and Billian’s HealthDATA, it’s a really smart idea to bring together those that can provide and want the research data into one place. Those that participate can get financial and quality performance comparison data on peer facilities and a benchmarking tool that can help providers. They can also rank vendor products and see how other providers have ranked those products.

Greenway – Advertiser since 3/2012 – Coming off their successful public offering, Greenway (GWAY) is well positioned to be a big player in the EHR market. Doesn’t hurt that thehave 40,000 healthcare providers in 30 specialties using their products and services. I’m also intrigued by Greenway’s new Marketplace. We’ll see how many leverage Greenway’s API technology on top of PrimeSuite.

Online Tech – Advertiser since 3/2012 – As I recently posted on EMR and HIPAA, Online Tech is a hosting company that takes security and privacy seriously. If you’re looking for a host that can meet the HIPAA guidelines you should take a look at Online Tech. Talk to them and then to other hosting companies and I bet you’ll see a big difference in how they approach the HIPAA requirements.

SequelMed – Advertiser since 11/2009 – I think the Sequelmed home page describes them well: trusted by over 15,000 physicians and over 1,000 practices. I think Sequelmed is one of the many EHR companies out there that’s generally gone along quietly about their business. They aren’t big and flashy, but they keep adding more and more doctors and servicing those doctors they already have on board.

NoMoreClipboard – Advertiser since 2/2012 – I recently called the NoMoreClipboard and iMPak product offering the “most creative technology” I found at HIMSS 2012. I plan to do a full post on the technology at some point as well. Although, I love the approach that NoMoreClipboard and iMPak have taken to be able to get the data to improve healthcare while realizing that many don’t want to have to deal with all the tech details. This is a hard concept for many of us that live and breathe tech to understand and appreciate, but many people want tech solutions that more easily fit into their life flow.

There you have it. I really appreciate each of these companies support. I hope to continue working with these companies many years into the future as we continue covering the crazy world of EHR and healthcare IT.

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