Pyle® Reveals GPS Sports Watch Featuring Wireless Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

GPS watch and 2.4 GHz wireless Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) chest strap combine personal training and navigation functions into one compact wrist computer
New York, NY – March 6, 2012 Pyle®, manufacturers of home, car and pro audio equipment and outdoor recreational sports gear, unveils its GPS Sports Watch (PSWGP405) that comes with a 2.4 GHz digitally coded wireless Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) chest strap to help fitness enthusiasts track their workout analysis and provide important information on physical condition, including heart rate zones, during strenuous indoor and outdoor activities.

This GPS watch combines personal training and navigation functions to offer an all-in-one solution for health buffs who wish to monitor various elements and can be customized for various outdoor activities including jogging, running, biking, hiking, skiing, sailing, hunting and more.

The watch has four main function modes: Compass, Time Mode, Navigation and Workout Mode, depending on the preferred usage. Workout Mode, which works together with Navigation Mode, records and displays the user’s current performance, including speed, distance traveled, coordinates, workout duration, heart rate, calories burned and other useful data.

Compass Mode can tell users the direction of an object or location from a certain point in the 16 most commonly used forms of cardinal direction, including North, South, East and West. Direction can be specified in azimuth as well, which communicates via angles between North and the desired object or location.

In addition to the modes listed here, the GPS Sports Watch can monitor four target heart rate zones, including Health, Fat Burn, Aerobics and User, and even offers audio alerts to inform users when they are above, in or below their preferred zone.

The HRM chest strap features a special conductive contact pad to retrieve heart rate stats and the adjustable elastic band keeps the monitor in place while remaining comfortable and breathable during sweaty workout routines. Once the strap and the watch are successfully paired, the heart rate data will automatically be transmitted to the watch display for quick and easy viewing.

Water resistant up to 30 meters under water, the GPS Sports Watch comes with a built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery. The included GPS Master software and the USB cable, which can also charge the device, assist users with their workout analysis, route planning and training summary reports, to offer a detailed post-workout breakdown. Users can even monitor the battery life and memory to ensure efficient use.

GPS Sports Watch and Heart Rate Monitor (PSWGP405) are currently available in Black with either Blue or Black accents for $137.99 at

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