Meet the Bloggers Panel Video and Dell Healthcare Think Tank at HIMSS12

Meet the Bloggers Panel at HIMSS12
As many of you know, I was on a Meet the Bloggers panel at HIMSS 2012. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Charles Webster, MD (@EHRworkflow) was sitting on the front row filming us the whole time from a video camera he had attached to his hat #hatcam. I think some good information was shared for those interested in using blogging and/or social media in healthcare.

The moderator of the panel was Brian Ahier and the panelist were Healthcare Scene contributor Jennifer Dennard, Neil Versel from Meaningful Health IT News and Carissa Caramanis O’Brien of Aetna.

Neil was gracious enough to do all the work of embedding each video clips into a Meet the Bloggers at HIMSS post. So, instead, of embedding them all here, head over to his site to enjoy them. I will just embed one video of me talking about healthcare social media below:

One thing became abundantly clear at HIMSS. I love social media and know a little something about it. One of my favorite meetings was with a health IT vendor who wanted to tell me about them and talk about blogging/social media. They started asking questions about blogging/social media first and an hour later we were out of time. That interaction made me wonder if I should put together some one or two day social media training/strategy sessions for vendors. I think one key to social media is authenticity which means I think it’s hard to outsource it.

Dell Healthcare Think Tank
I didn’t participate in the Dell Healthcare Think Tank that happened at HIMSS, but two writers for Healthcare Scene did: Jennifer Dennard and Neil Versel. They posted the whole video for the event and I’ll embed it below. I was able to watch a good portion of it and found a number of the comments quite interesting. I find it really intriguing that Dell would hold an event like this. In many ways, this is how I get the knowledge and insight that I post on this blog. I spend time with many of the people that attended the think tank and we talk about the healthcare IT world.

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