Aetna Releases CarePass for mHealth Integration

One of the biggest topics for discussion in healthcare right now is interoperability.  It is all well and good to have an amazing app or device, but if it is on an island then it is not as effective as it can be.

Aetna has been quite successful with their iTriage app, but is taking it to the next level with their consumer health platform: CarePass.  Here are some of the main points from their website:

Imagine being able to find the doctor or facility that best meets your needs and preferences, and booking an appointment right on your phone. Imagine being able to access the health and lifestyle apps that are just right for you and have them work together. Imagine the ability to share your medical records and manage your medical conditions by going to one location. Imagine a single tool that integrates your family’s health and fitness information in one place, with one secure password. Imagine one solution that puts the power of health in your hands and provides the help you need at your fingertips.

With a single secure sign-on, the CarePass platform will enable a consumer to share information across some of the most popular health and fitness apps, and create a personalized, coherent experience to manage their whole health, from getting care to staying well. As consumers face a changing healthcare landscape, CarePass and iTriage will provide important tools to engage consumers, connect them to providers, and help them navigate the evolving system.

Soon, CarePass will work with third-party developers to unleash their creativity in developing more market-leading consumer solutions. To stay connected to CarePass and other game-changing technologies, follow us on Twitter and join the conversation.

Using third-party developers is probably the most exciting piece of information.  I understand the appeal of proprietary information, but when it comes to interoperability, third-party development has so much more appeal.  I don’t get the feeling that they are just going to open it up to anyone who wants to develop something, but by taking advantage of other great minds they are creating an opportunity to create something even better.

You can also find a video from Aetna about their products on their website.