Political Keynote at HIMSS 2012 and #HIMSS12 Recovery

Today I was able to finally relax and enjoy HIMSS 2012. Although, I must admit that if I were a company that wanted to get access to talk to me, I’d look at either coming early or staying until the last day of HIMSS. However, I didn’t see any vendors left at HIMSS, but there were two really entertaining and interesting keynotes.

Today I’ll use the tweets that I collected during this morning’s political keynote to provide you some understanding of some of what was said. While they marketed it as a debate between Donna Brazile and Dana Perino, there really wasn’t a debate. I think this was actually a good thing. What we got instead of a debate was two really charming and intelligent women entertaining and educating the crowd. I’m sure many will complain that they didn’t cover much healthcare, but I personally didn’t care. Maybe I didn’t care as much since I got enough healthcare the rest of the week. Plus, I’m all about learning in all areas.

Without further ado, here’s some of the most interesting tweets from the HIMSS 2012 Keynote:

In between this keynote and the afternoon keynote, I planned to do a 1 minute video interview with Charles Webster, MD who had a hat cam. Well, the 1 minute video didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would go. I guess HIMSS finally caught up with me. Here’s the video:

Charles Webster has a really simple but powerful service called EHR Workflow. He allows someone to take some really simple to create data elements from an EHR and to create a nice looking map of where the bottlenecks in your EHR workflow exist. I encourage people to take a look at it and let me know what you think.

I may try to do a Twitter summary of the second keynote this weekend. It had some really interesting findings. Now time for my HIMSS12 Recovery!

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