Social Media Day at HIMSS 2012

Today I had an amazing series of meeting with really smart people. Many of my findings from those meetings will be featured in blog posts over the next month after HIMSS. I’ve come across some trends and ideas that I think readers will be really excited to hear about.

However, I’d say that today was marked by social media at HIMSS 2012 for me. Here’s a quick run down of the social media events I participated in.

First, Shahid Shah, the Healthcare IT Guy and Jennifer Dennard joined me in holding the Genius Bar in the social media center. It’s been interesting to see the variety of people that have come by the genius sessions. I think the idea of having a genius bar is a really good one and I think the HIMSS social media staff have liked the idea a lot as well. I can see it really expanding and do even better than we’ve done this year. Although, this isn’t surprising since we through the idea together a week or two before HIMSS.

Immediately after the genius bar, they held the #HITsm Tweetup. It was fantastic fun with so many familiar faces. There was only one main downside to the Tweetup. The internet connection wasn’t working and so I could only do it on my phone. The internet situation has been a problem for me for a lot of HIMSS. I can’t say how annoying it is to try and cover HIMSS and not have a decent internet connection. It’s pretty hit or miss from my experience. I’m not sure why.

Regardless of the internet connection, it was a pretty interesting experience to do a tweetup live. I almost wish it would have been a silent tweetup. Basically, random laughs and what not. Either way though, at least MelSmithJones was thinking inside the box and we got her to think inside the box. #insidejoke

In the afternoon, I participated in a Meet the Bloggers panel with Jennifer Dennard, Neil Versel and Carissa Caramanis O’Brien. I think the audience got some decent information from what was said. I must admit that one thing I loved was looking into the audience and knowing so many people who had come to hear what we had to say. A number of people said some kind things to me about the event which were really appreciated. Although, my favorite part was a lot of the individual discussions I had with so many people after the Meet the Blogger panel.

Then, to top the night off we had the really great 3rd Annual New Media Meetup. I think we had about 120 people show up to the event. The band was admittedly too loud for a really good discussion, but as someone said on Twitter at least they were a good band. A really big thanks to simplifyMD and Ozmosis for sponsoring the event. simplifyMD even stepped up and decided to add some food at the event. They were outstanding to work with and the three people who won Kindle Fire’s from Ozmosis were absolutely excited.

At the core of all the social media mentioned above is: People!

Meeting with and connecting with interesting, smart, unique, talented people is always a wonderful experience and that’s why I love social media.

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John Lynn

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