Cerner Announces Next Evolution of Cerner Millennium® – #HIMSS12

Cerner continues to innovate the EMR and our next iteration of this progression comes with the announcement of Millennium+, which combines the enterprise platform with the secure Cerner Cloud, delivering a new user experience that is fast, smart and easy. It provides personalized, intuitive and moment relevant clinical workflow via the desktop, tablet and smartphone.
Millennium+ was created to improve the health care provider user experience, starting with physicians. While Cerner has been deploying cloud solutions for more than a decade, the significance of Millennium+ is that the solutions are now designed with those services in mind from the beginning.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Feb. 21, 2012 — Today Cerner (Nasdaq: CERN) announced the launch of Millennium+™, the next evolution of Cerner Millennium®. Combining the enterprise platform with the secure Cerner Cloud, Millennium+ delivers a new user experience that is fast, smart and easy. It provides personalized, intuitive and relevant clinical workflows via the desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Cerner understands the importance of health system and community interoperability, which is why Millennium+ integrates and unifies information gathered within the organization and across the community into a provider’s workflow. Millennium+ is designed to speed up workflows, reduce clicks and ensure Cerner solutions provide each user the information they need at the right point in the workflow in context of the person, condition and venue.

In addition to Sepsis alerting and Chart Search, one of the first solutions that will be launched as part of the Millennium+ platform is PowerChart+Touch™. PowerChart+Touch was created specifically for the iPad. With a swipe of a finger, providers can quickly and easily navigate workflows. As part of the Millennium+ platform, solutions are available on-demand versus relying on major release schedules to access to new capabilities. This provides client organizations, departments and individual users to more quickly adapt to new capabilities, regulatory mandates and quality measurements.

“Cerner is going beyond foundational automation of the health record and creating a new experience; not just a repository to chart activity or place orders,” said Jeff Townsend, Cerner chief of staff and executive VP. “With this new combination of capabilities, Cerner is well positioned to accelerate innovation around the second order effects of a digitized industry. What you can do now with Millennium+ is much more than just being paperless, it moves the boundaries beyond a typical Enterprise Health Record system.”

Millennium+ creates a new user experience that is:

    • Fast
      • Millennium+ is designed for optimal performance. The solution speeds up access to comprehensive clinical workflows, anticipating the data requirements to complete end-to-end experiences while reducing clicks and improving context of care.
    • Smart
      • Millennium+ is smart and aware of the context of the patient, the location and the user. It anticipates “next,” and brings information face up in the context of the next decision or action, making it moment relevant.
    • Easy
      • Millennium+ is easy to use. The interaction is intuitive, with minimal training and configuration required.

Millennium+ solutions are currently rolling out to physicians through the end of the year and to additional providers through 2013.

Stop by Cerner’s booth (#476) at HIMSS for a demonstration of PowerChart+ Touch.

About Cerner

Cerner is contributing to the systemic change of health and care delivery. For more than 30 years Cerner has been executing its vision to make health care safer and more efficient. We started with the foundation of digitizing paper processes and now offer the most comprehensive array of information software, professional services, medical device integration, remote hosting and employer health and wellness services. Cerner systems are used by everyone from individual consumers, to single-doctor practices, hospitals, employers and entire countries. Taking what we’ve learned over more than three decades, Cerner is building on the knowledge that is in the system to support evidence-based clinical decisions, prevent medical errors and empower patients in their care.

Cerner® solutions are licensed by approximately 9,300 facilities around the world, including more than 2,650 hospitals; 3,750 physician practices; 40,000 physicians; 500 ambulatory facilities, such as laboratories, ambulatory centers, cardiac facilities, radiology clinics and surgery centers; 800 home health facilities; 40 employer sites and 1,600 retail pharmacies.