Honeywell HomMed Presents the Future of Telehealth With the New Genesis Touch™

Samsung Mobile and Honeywell HomMed are pleased to announce the launch of the Genesis Touch home healthcare solution, running on the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab. Now, the original Galaxy Tab is the first Samsung Mobile device to receive FDA approval clearance as part of an innovative home health solution. Please see below for more details and let me know if you have any questions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Adds High-touch Technology to Family of Personal Health Devices

LAS VEGAS – February 22, 2012 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) HomMed, a global leader in telehealth and remote patient care, today announced the newest addition to its Genesis™ product line – the Genesis Touch™– a personal health device designed to address the current and future needs of patients who use telehealth to better manage their healthcare.

The Genesis Touch™ redefines available telehealth technology with a simple-to-use Android-based tablet offering patients and their families increased information and flexibility, while delivering a richer interaction between patients and their healthcare providers.

“The Genesis Touch represents the next step in the progression of remote patient care,” said Terry Duesterhoeft, president of Honeywell HomMed. “Blending the latest in widely-accepted consumer technology with all the traditional telehealth benefits that healthcare providers, patients and their families have come to expect from the Genesis family of products allows Honeywell HomMed to continue redefining how – and where – remote patient monitoring occurs.”

Redefining Telehealth – One Touch at a Time

As with Honeywell’s other Genesis telehealth monitors, the Genesis Touch collects vital signs from patients and transmits it to Honeywell’s LifeStream™ Management Suite, so healthcare providers can track and monitor their patients’ data.  In addition, the Genesis Touch also blends HomMed’s highly-intuitive user interface with the strengths of Samsung Mobile’s Galaxy Tab™ platform and the Verizon network, while acting as a portal to access a wide range of applications, such as Fuze Meeting.

“The Genesis Touch enables patients to leverage existing technology tools to improve their healthcare management,” said Duesterhoeft.  “The touchscreen platform is both efficient and familiar, while the integrated video adds a ‘personal touch’ to patient interactions with their healthcare providers.  And the anywhere-communication aspect addresses the need to have increased mobility in data management, a key offering in today’s healthcare marketplace.”

Key features of the Genesis Touch include:

  • Fuze Meeting, a real-time visual collaboration and conferencing application for the Genesis Touch, features simple, integrated video capabilities for face-to-face interaction between a patient and their healthcare provider.
  • Capitalizing on Verizon’s reliable 3G network and with integrated Wi-Fi capabilities, the Genesis Touch sports enhanced mobility to allow patients to securely manage their health, whether they are at home in Maine or on vacation in Alaska.
  • As an FDA-cleared dedicated personal health device, the Genesis Touch delivers stability and enhanced security for patient users, securing patient data to meet HIPAA requirements.  A tamper-resistant interface protects the device and its information from the threat of viruses.
  • The Genesis Touch features an open-development platform for third-party developers to continue to expand the range of applications, devices and services for Genesis Touch patients and healthcare providers.

“Our collaboration with Honeywell HomMed addresses the ever-increasing consumer demand for more efficient mobile healthcare solutions,” said Tim Wagner, vice president and general manager of B2B Sales for Samsung Mobile.  “We believe the premium hardware of the Android-powered Galaxy Tab addresses previous challenges with mobile technology adoption and positively impacts the ability to treat patients. The ability of our device to embody an FDA-cleared healthcare solution speaks to its efficiency, reliability, and versatility.”

“We’re excited to bring the benefits of Fuze Meeting’s multi-party video conferencing capabilities to Honeywell’s LifeStream Management Suite,” said FuzeBox Chief Executive Officer Jeff Cavins.  “By making it easy for patients and their healthcare providers to see and speak to each other in real time, regardless of their locations, we’re able to make a real difference in patients’ everyday lives.”

“Mobility is transforming the patient-care experience,” said Dr. Peter Tippett, vice president and chief medical officer, Verizon Connected Healthcare Solutions.  “Combining the power of broadband with personal health devices connects and engages patients and clinicians, resulting in more accessible and efficient care.”

As with all Genesis personal health devices, the Genesis Touch will be supported on the healthcare provider side by the LifeStream Management Suite, a comprehensive platform launched by Honeywell HomMed in 2007, which seamlessly integrates the patient’s monitor-collected information and other point-of-care applications in a single platform, allowing patients, families and healthcare providers easy, secure access to patient information via the Internet.  The Genesis Touch’s interoperability with LifeStream further allows healthcare providers to access a consolidated management dashboard to monitor and triage patients from one cloud-based platform.

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