HIMSS 2012 Official Day One

As you can probably imagine, things have been extraordinarily crazy with HIMSS happening this week. My first HIMSS event actually was on Saturday and Monday I enjoyed a number of interviews and spent some time at the venture forum. As some of you know, my goal at HIMSS is mostly to spend time around really smart people having really interesting discussions. These discussions form the basis for a multitude of posts to come post-HIMSS. Unfortunately, that means much of the best things I learn and talk about at HIMSS won’t come until the weeks and sometimes months after HIMSS.

If you want to get a bit of an idea of the insane activity that’s happening at HIMSS, you should browse through the various press releases on EMR and Health IT News. David has done an amazing job posting all the various press release announcements that are sent out before and during HIMSS. You’ll need to go through a few pages of press releases, but even browsing through the titles offers an interesting perspective on the industry and what it’s trying to communicate.

Also, this year I decided to do some more videos at HIMSS. I wanted to do something that was simple, but interesting. Plus, I wanted it to be a series of videos that when watched video after video provided something more. Thus, I decided to do what I’m calling 5 Questions with EHR Vendor Executives at HIMSS12. I posted the first video with Dr. Andre Vovan, Founder of Mitochon. I think I’ve already done 4 more that I’ll be posting on EMR and EHR over the next little while. I hope you find the videos as interesting as I do.

I also would be remiss if I didn’t post one of the most incredibly things I learned at HIMSS. It has almost nothing to do with Healthcare IT, except for the fact that Inga at HIStalk LOVES shoes and so shoes are relevant at HIStalkapalooza. I guess some other people take shoes very seriously as well. I learned that Timur Tugberk from DrFirst was wearing an $1250 pair of shoes. When he said this, Brittanie from ESD said you know that’s twelve hundred and fifty dollars, not twelve dollars and fifty cents. Of course, with that background, I of course took a picture for others to see:

Funny thing is. I bet I haven’t spent $1250 in my entire life on shoes. I guess different strokes for different folks.

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