ZyDoc Empowers Channel Partners with MediSapien: An NLP-Powered Medical Knowledge Management Platform Incorporating Disruptive/Enabling Technology

LAS VEGAS – February 20, 2012 – James M. Maisel, M.D., Chairman of ZyDoc Medical Transcription, LLC, an award-winning New York-based medical transcription technology and informatics firm, is pleased to introduce the MediSapien Medical Knowledge Management Platform at the HIMSS12 annual conference in Las Vegas, February 20-24, Booth #13421. The company’s new MediSapien™ business will be distinguished from ZyDoc Transcription to focus on NLP-powered industry solutions sold through channel partners, including EHRs, Billing and RCM, Analytics, and MTSOs. At HIMSS, MediSapien will demonstrate how unstructured text can be automatically coded and inserted into an ONC-certified EHR.

MediSapien™ is an enterprise-class web-based platform for service partners to convert unstructured text into fully coded structured data. MediSapien accepts dictation or text from transcription vendors, legacy data and EHRs. The fully coded structured output, including ICD-10, is suitable for insertion into EHRs and facilitates interoperability. MediSapien also performs computer-assisted coding (CAC) for revenue cycle management companies and data mining optimized for health data analytics partners. The MediSapien platform supports independent application developers.

“ZyDoc will be exhibiting at HIMSS12 under the MediSapien brand name,” explains Maisel. “Conference attendees can visit Booth #13421 to view the disruptive but enabling MediSapien™ Medical Knowledge Management Platform technology for channel partners. The platform, which couples NLP with multiple patent-pending processes, represents a paradigm shift by leveraging the power of unstructured text to populate EHRs with structured coded data that facilitates Meaningful Use, and multiple secondary uses. It will enable the approximately 40% of physicians who have not adopted EHR to make a seamless transition using dictation.

“From the outset,” adds Maisel, “MediSapien has been designed to facilitate interoperability. Although a primary goal of the HITECH act is data exchange across boundaries, its achievement has been slow because it presents major challenges. MediSapien lowers the barrier to interoperability by providing standardized data that can be shared at the data level between EHRs and through the Verizon Medical Data Exchange and other Health Information Exchanges.”

To illustrate how MediSapien can be integrated with an ONC-certified EHR, and how the MediSapien platform enables the exchange of clinical documents between disparate EHRs in secure, industry-standard format, an EHR will be operational in the MediSapien booth at HIMSS.

According to Ashish Bhatt, VP Business Development, “MediSapien offers a strong value proposition for each of our primary channels. Channel partners and their clients, including EHRs, Billing and RCM, Analytics, and MTSOs, and end-users such as Health Care Providers can utilize the entire MediSapien platform infrastructure or select standalone functionalities such as speech recognition and computer-assisted coding. Channel partners also gain exclusive access to our partner network and new business development opportunities.”

MediSapien Channel Partners can schedule appointments by calling 800.546.-5633 x 718 to meet during HIMSS12 to learn how they can deliver speech recognition, computer-assisted coding, and structured data solutions to their clients using the Medical Knowledge Management Platform. Registration and information is also available at www.medisapien.com.

About MediSapien and ZyDoc

Based in Hauppauge, New York, ZyDoc is a leading-edge medical knowledge management company that was founded in 1993 to develop medical informatics technologies. Under the leadership of James M. Maisel, M.D., Chairman, the company has developed award-winning e-transcription infrastructure and speech recognition solutions. ZyDoc will now focus on transcription services. MediSapien will operate as a new technology business in 2012 specifically to assist ZyDoc clients and MediSapien Channel Partners including EHRs, MTSOs, Billing/RCM, Analytics, and Health Care Providers in meeting the new standards and data requirements that are transforming the health care industry.