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I recently was interviewed by someone interested in helping doctors understand the various dynamics of EHR selection and in particular the impact of hugely discounted and Free EHR models on the selection process. The discussion reinforced a long held belief of mine that EHR Selection is the most important part of the EHR selection process. In fact, my final comments to her were that doctors need to take the time that’s necessary to filter through the 300+ EHR vendors out there.

A few years back I wrote an e-Book on EMR selection that I believe has provided some benefit to those selecting an EHR. In the book I suggest that you need to narrow down the number of EHR companies you’re going to look at since very very few doctors can look through all 300 EHR companies. One website I suggest in the book is EMR Consultant.

EMR Consultant is now an advertiser on this site, but I’ve been recommending the service they provide since long before they became an advertiser. It is an EMR Selection service built by a doctor for doctors. They’ve streamlined much of the process for those doctors who don’t want to go through a full analysis, but I suggest you don’t skimp on the EHR selection process. If you do the full process, EMR consultant matches against 100,000 parameters and looks over 600+ EMR listings (That’s a broad definition of EMR which is why I say about 300 full EMR).

One challenge doctors are facing today is that a whole bunch of less qualified EHR selection services have popped up and have been flooding the market. At the end of the day, that shouldn’t have that HUGE of an impact on the EHR market. Just because a selection service recommends a particular EHR doesn’t mean you have to go with that EHR. In fact, I suggest looking at about 5 EHR and if none of them fit, then look at 5 more.

The most important message is spend the time and effort necessary to select the right EHR. It will be worth the extra effort on the front end. If you’re going to rush any part of the process, don’t rush the selection.

Since I mentioned EMR Consultant, it’s worth also mentioning that one other part of the company behind EMR Consultant is a website called EHR TV. Eric, founder of EHR TV, has invested a lot of money and staff to create a really solid video product around EHR and Healthcare IT videos.

EHR TV will have a whole crew at HIMSS again this year as they’ve done the past couple years. They worked really hard to bring in some big name people they can interview on camera. I expect they’ll create some of the most interesting content for those not able to make it to HIMSS. My only complaint is that they don’t have a way I can embed some of their videos. Maybe one day they’ll open that up.

On a HIMSS note, I had my first HIMSS networking event last night and it was fantastic. This week is going to be busy but great.

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John Lynn

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