Indigo Identityware Announces Password-free Strong Authentication for Mobile Clinicians

Password-free strong authentication for all clinical computing platforms 

MINNEAPOLIS, MN – February 13, 2012 – Indigo Identityware announces that its password-free strong authentication product, iDNA, has been expanded to address all clinical computing environments. Whether it’s thick, thin or zero client desktops, virtual desktops with VMware™ or Citrix®, or mobile tablets such as iPad®, Android® or Win7®, Indigo’s iDNA™ offers clinicians quick, secure log on without the hassles of passwords.  The user simply has their unique 4-digit PIN, and he or she can utilize any or all of the following environments.

iDNA works with any mobile solution including the iPad, Android devices and Win 7 platforms. Clinicians who like to use their iPad or other mobile devices to access their clinical desktop and/or applications can do so without security concerns. Whether they are managed or unmanaged devices, Indigo securely and simply logs users in with a four-digit personal identification number (PIN).

Managed Desktops
Most clinicians’ work gets done within the enterprise. And, just like Indigo works with mobile and independent desktops, iDNA also works within a managed desktop environment. In fact, Indigo’s solution eliminates help desk calls as a result of forgotten passwords as iDNA does not use complicated passwords to securely log users in. Whether it’s Indigo’s next-generation biometric solution or its proximity card and PIN, Indigo quickly and safely logs users in and out of their desktops.

Virtual Desktops

Many clinical establishments are moving to virtual platforms, with the use of Citrix, VMware or Terminal Services®, to help with the overall management and administration of complex clinical environments that include multitudes of clinical applications and EMRs. Virtual environments also enable clinicians the flexibility to roam about within their enterprise and access their desktop from any location. Indigo iDNA works with all virtual platforms and ensures users complete security for HIPAA compliance.

Independent Desktops
iDNA is compatible with independent desktops outside of the domain and not requiring access control, such as Win 7, Win XP® and soon to include Linux® and Mac®. Users access their desktop outside of their managed enterprise, and then securely log in using iDNA.

To learn more about Indigo Identityware and its revolutionary strong authentication solution, iDNA, please visit us at HIMSS12 (Health Information Management Systems Society) in Las Vegas, Nevada, February 21-23, in Booth 4059.

About Indigo

Indigo Identityware, a leader in the identity and access management industry, distinguishes itself by providing password-free mobile and virtual strong authentication. Indigo’s software-only architecture was built from the ground up for mobile, virtual and clinical cloud computing. This differentiates Indigo from all other identity management solutions. Indigo’s solution works in any virtual environment and has been certified as Citrix Ready. Its flexible design supports multiple strong authentication methods, including next generation biometrics, providing users with secure and fast access to information. Indigo’s software-only solution increases workflow productivity while helping customers ensure regulatory compliance. To learn more, visit