iChartsMD Announces the Test Drive Launch

(Malibu, CA – February 2, 2012) –iChartsMD announced today that they will be offering a new test drive of their EHR system to potential clients. In efforts to demonstrate to the medical community how easy-to-use and all-inclusive the platform is, each practice that signs on for the trial will receive access to the system where individuals can have a hands-on experience that will utilize all facets of the practices’ operations. These include but aren’t limited to scheduling, e-prescribing, adding new patients, going through a full patient encounter, and insurance and patient billing.

iChartsMD is excited to finally show the world how simple an EHR can be, and with this new invitation, doctors will see that this web deployed system is just as useful on the go as it is in their office. The system can be accessed anywhere in the world through any tablet or iOS device. It’s simple to use, powerful to aid your practice, and capable enough to fit your needs.

About iChartsMD

iChartsMD is a privately held EHR software solution provider based out of Malibu, California. Both doctors and I.T. Professionals carefully developed the iChartsMD technology with over 30 years of expertise. The EHR system integrates patient scheduling, reports and analysis, prescription writing, patient history and billing management made to be accessible from any network, including mobile devices.