Song Tells Tale of Hospital EMR/EHR Go-Live Process

Every human drama deserves a ballad, doesn’t it?  And now hospital EMR/EHR rollouts have one, a wry little ditty narrating the first few weeks of the go-live process at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton.

The hospital, which rolled out Epic, seems to be doing well — it’s on HIMSS Level 6 in the adoption process — but as songmeister Dr. Robert Schwab points out, the process was stressful nonetheless.

Click here to check out the song, sung to the tune of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound.” (I’d like to embed the song video here and show you Dr. Schwab’s smiling face, but the hospital marketers seem to have disabled that option. Not so surprising, given that the parent company, Texas Health Resources, has its social media act together and does things carefully. ) See embedded video below:

Just for fun, here’s the first verse:

I’m sittin’ at the nurses’ station

My ticket filed in desperation

Waiting for the helpdesk guy

To give me something I can try

To get a patient list so I

Can finish rounds before I die.

On go-live night, it feels like death;

On go-live night

Live, I forgot my training

Live, gotta start complainin’

Live, CareConnect is drainin’

My time and energy…


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