Edible Microchip Tracking Device, AAYUWIZ EHR, and EMR + Analytics

As most regular readers know, on the weekend I’ve been doing a weekly Twitter round up of interesting tweets about EMR and EHR. Well, this week I came across all sorts of odd tweets. Also, it seems that someone with EMR in their Twitter name has been talking about the Giants making it to the Super Bowl. On that note, I’m not sure I really care whether the Giants or the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Although, I think it will be a fun game to watch. Push came to shove, I’ll take the Giants defense for the win. Enough football, back to the health IT and EMR talk.

This tweet is going to blow your socks off a little bit. We all know this type of technology is coming, but it’s crazy to think that it’s actually starting to be done. I might have to do a full post on this type of technology later:

For those who didn’t go read the article, it talks about an edible microchip that reports patient compliance with medication. Seems a bit extreme no? It’s still quite a ways off, but is interesting to consider.

This next tweet is fascinating and the landing page it goes to is even more fascinating. Mostly because the tweet and landing page feel more like spam than they feel like a legitimate company. So, tread lightly if you click:

As best I can tell this is a legitimate company. Although, I can’t understand why someone would think naming EMR software AAYUWIZ. Really? You’ve got to be able to do better than that. This looks like one of the MANY (and I mean many) EHR software that have been developed by Indian companies.

I don’t know the entire process these companies go through, but so many of these Indian (and probably other countries as well, but all the ones I’ve seen have been from India) development houses see an opportunity to create EHR software. After developing the EHR software, they reach out to people like myself asking for help on bringing their EHR software to America. Seems like a really risky business model to me. At least a couple of them do have Indian healthcare strategies as well, but many seem to be solely focused on the US market with no way of actually entering the market.

I like this idea. In fact, I’m a little surprised that I haven’t seen anyone do this before. What kills me is that there are probably 100-200 projects like it in healthcare that could benefit from better use of technology, but for one reason or another we haven’t gotten to it…yet(?). Seems like Lawrence Lin is working on it. Too bad he’s working in China, but from Nashville, TN. Now, I’ve got to meet Lawrence to hear his stories.

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  • AAYUWIZ definitely has the characteristics of an Indian company. I only read 2 paragraphs and found that “conform” was written as “confirm” and they have the wrong definition of HMO.

  • Thank You Mr.John and Mr.Wes Kemp for the interest and taking the time going through the website and about the company. We’ve made the changes. This was of high importance to us. Thanks again.

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