Consult A Doctor Offers 24/7 Flu Hotline That Costs Less than $40

Flu season is generally miserable for everyone.  Even if you don’t actually get sick you spend half your time avoiding the people who are sick.  Then you start to get symptoms but you wait as long as humanly possible to actually see a doctor because it is so expensive and time-consuming.  Consult A Doctor is releasing a new service designed to change all of that.

Their new service, FLUHOTLINE24/7, provides round the clock access to board certified physicians that can diagnose your sickness, and even prescribe medication if they need to.  That means no more driving across town, waiting forever, and then being told to drink fluids and take some medicine.

The whole process is as simple as placing a call to 1-855-DOC-4FLU or logging on to  The whole process only takes a matter of minutes, and costs less than $40 regardless of your insurance status.

I’m not the kind of person to go to the doctor unless I am about to cough up or lung or have an appendage fall off.  That being said, it would be nice to get a simple illness taken care of so easily and at such a low-cost.

According to Consult A Doctor’s press release, the Center for Disease Control has reported that flu related complications lead to over 200,000 hospitalizations, many of which did not really need a hospital stay, which is simply wasteful and overcrowds an already overloaded system.

The ability to get help from home, not have to spend so much time at the hospital, and the exceptionally low-cost should make this incredibly appealing to just about anyone.  Now we just have to hope that people will actually use it.

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