Qualcomm Tricorder X Prize Offering $10 Million Prize to Developers

We all remember those awesome little tricorders from the Star Trek series that could analyze a person’s level of health almost immediately.  All the doctor had to do was push a button and he immediately knew exactly what he needed to do to help the person.

Qualcomm and the X Prize Foundation have announced a development competition designed to create just such a device.  The two CEO’s of the respective companies, Dr. Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm Foundation Chair and Qualcomm Incorporated Chairman and CEO, and X PRIZE Foundation Chairman and CEO Dr. Peter Diamandis, announced during the keynote address at CES that the prize would be $10 million dollars.

Compared to the other development competitions that I have previously covered, this one is in a “whole different galaxy.”  While the idea may seem a little far-fetched, it really does not seem that unrealistic to me.

We already have portable devices for blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and even EKG’s.  How much of a stretch is it to simply combine all of those devices together?  With that kind of prize, this competition is sure to bring out some serious talent who are committed to making the science fiction of my youth a reality.

There is way more information than I could possibly cover here, so please check out their website where you can find all of the details of the contest including press releases, and how to enter.