Healthcare Invades CES – Digital Health Summit

I’ve seen this coming over the past couple years of attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Yes, one of the real advantages I have of living in Las Vegas is all the amazing conferences that I get to attend. CES is one of those conferences. If you thought HIMSS was big (and it is big), CES blows HIMSS out of the water when it comes to size of conference and particularly absolutely insane over the top booths. Imagine a 50+ foot high video wall with hundreds of TVs bigger than you have in your house and at the center the biggest consumer HD TV on the planet.

I’m happy to admit that about half of my attendance is like going to watch the “circus” that is CES. However, last year I was surprised by the healthcare presence at CES (even an EHR vendor was exhibiting). This year it seems that the healthcare IT section of CES will be even bigger and many of my health IT and EMR friends on Twitter are talking about attending CES including Neil Versel who writes on Meaningful Healthcare IT News.

The real key to the healthcare presence at CES has been what I call a “conference within a conference.” In this case the Digital Health Summit takes place as a sub conference to CES. Yes, that includes 2 days of Digital Health speakers and a whole section of the North Hall (right next to all the insane car tech) that’s devoted to Digital Health. I know the people at Zeo have a sleep lab all set up if you get too tired at CES and need a nap. Plus, I think they’ll be live streaming the sleep data online as well.

Assuming I can rip myself away from all the toys and booth babes that are found at CES, I’ll be tweeting and blogging about some of the stuff I see at CES when it comes to healthcare. You can also follow other health people at CES and the Digital Health Summit on Twitter at the hashtag #digitalhealth (If you haven’t figured this out yet, you can click that link and see stuff on Twitter whether you have a Twitter account or not).

If you’re going to be at CES, let me know and maybe we can try and find each other a midst the mayhem. For those not going to CES, hopefully I can provide you some interesting highlights of the event.

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John Lynn

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