Clarity Health Announces New Patient Discharge Notification Solution

Today Clarity Health announced the availability of their new Emergency Department Discharge solutions, which provide real-time patient discharge notifications to healthcare providers and case managers. This allows care providers to get the information they need to provide timely and informed follow-up care for their patients. This is just another tool on a platform of patient transition services including referral management and surgery authorization offered by Clarity Health.

Web-based Platform Better Coordinates Timely Follow-up Care for Emergency Department Patients

Clarity Health, a rapidly-growing provider of a Web-based care coordination platform for hospitals and healthcare providers, announced today the general availability of its Emergency Department (ED) Discharge solution. Clarity’s ED Discharge solution sends real-time alerts to providers and case managers when a patient is discharged from the Emergency Department.

ED Notification offers an important benefit to care providers by delivering the information they need to make sure vulnerable patient populations receive appropriate and timely follow-up care when they leave the hospital, which improves patient outcomes and reduces the need for readmission. This tool is part of a broader platform of patient transition services that include referral management and surgery authorization.

“In the past, we had to wait for our EMR system to provide information on patient discharges from the Emergency Department, and the information we received was not timely or efficiently organized,” said Pam Bluford, RN, care coordinator at Summit View Clinic. “ED Notifications provides us instant insight into when patients are admitted or discharged from the hospital, and allows us to tailor a follow-up treatment plan for at-risk patients. This leads to better care outcomes and an increase in our patient satisfaction.”

Providers and care takers receive clinical and administrative information including patient demographics, transportation method and discharge summary in the ED Notification. That information is also summarized in a web-based work list allowing both the primary care provider and the hospital to track the disposition of each patient. Since the same discharge record is accessed by all members of the patient’s care team, it allows the care to be effectively coordinated across multiple providers and organizations.

“Clarity is committed to providing the information hospitals and practices need to provide excellent patient care and to respond to changing requirements in the healthcare systems,” said Bill Bunker, CEO of Clarity Health. “ED Notification provides the timely discharge information our customers need in a manner that is easily accessible across disparate organizations and care teams.”

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