Trends in Healthcare Privacy and Security

A review by Government Health IT recently discussed the top ten trends in healthcare privacy and security.  You can find the top ten below, as well as the full article on their website.  It certainly raises a very interesting topic as we move forward into the new year.

Privacy and security are undoubtedly one of the biggest issues in the development of new technology.  In this increasingly connected world, it is essential that personal information be kept safe and secure.

I also can’t help bu think that the lack of mHealth specific guidance in one of the things keeping major breakthroughs from happening.  That being said we are starting to see approval of apps by government agencies that should create the framework for hard and fast legislation.

In the end, the most important aspect of this all is that patient privacy and security effectively protects the patient as well as the healthcare provider.

Top Ten Trends in Healthcare Privacy and Security

1. More policing, more penalties, OCR-style.

2. Increase in healthcare data breaches.

3. A wider use of mobile devices in medicine.

4. Massive-scale data breaches in healthcare.

5. Greater patient awareness.

6. Taking protected health information (PHI) to the cloud.

7. Increased use of business associates (BAs).

8. OCR starts the HIPAA audit program.

9. The use of cyberliability insurance to manage data breach risks.

10. Data breaches are costing hospitals more than ever.