EMR ROI, Steve Jobs EMR, $1 Billion in EHR Stimulus, and EMR Data Security

Some really interested EMR related tweets in tonight’s round up from around the EMR twittersphere. I’m testing out the new Twitter embed function. We’ll see how it does. It’s a convenient thing, but might need some tweaking.

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Well said! EMR ROI can’t be certified, but it can be measured and planned for.

I wrote a bit about Steve Jobs and EMR before. The icon of Steve Jobs and creating something the way Steve Jobs did is going to be around for a very long time to come.

Over 10k eligible providers and $1 billion in stimulus money. I wonder how many of those 10k providers already had an EMR and how many implemented an EMR to get the stimulus money.

Definitely much higher than I’d have thought as well. Sure, every doctor wants their systems to be secure, but very few make it any sort of priority beyond expecting it to be secure.

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  • You’ve been getting more post spam lately.

    ROI on an EHR is next to impossible to calculate.

    You can argue that you fired your transcriptionist…sure, but how much more time does it take to put in all the notes yourself?

    Most docs I talk to are less productive.

    That may change over time, but this is an issue.

    ROI on a PM is much easier to show, as a PM actually deals with $$ and an EHR does not.

    Remember, most practices already had a PM in place, even if they were still using paper files for patients.

    Why would this be? Oh, a PM increased production and showed an ROI quickly.

  • That data security tweet is cringe-inducing. If the government gets serious about security audits related to MU attestation, I predict a bloodbath. We’ve talked to a lot of providers who’ve already attested and who have little or no understanding of the requirements. They just took a leap of faith based on what their EMR rep and/or IT guy told them. The breach reporting rules are also not well understood.

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