“Macaw(TM)” Launched by U.S. Preventative Medicine as the Ultimate Health Hub App Enabled by Qualcomm Life

Earlier this week I wrote about Qualcomm’s venture into the healthcare market with the launch of Qualcomm Life.  Well, they have wasted little time in making their mark on the mHealth market.  Yesterday they announced the release of a one-of-a-kind mobile health app: Macaw, which was developed in conjunction with U.S. Preventative Medicine.

The difference between this app and the myriad other apps out there is that it is a full personal health monitor.  Macaw not only tracks activity, it covers the full range of health information.  It brings together all of the information from health and fitness apps, plus lab results and wireless devices.

In this world of instant information people are looking for a one stop shop for healthcare just like everything else.  Macaw appears to be exactly that type of app.  Here are some of the highlights from the press release:

Features include:

7 questions to quickly assess your health

GPS to track exercise

Ability to set goals and track weight and calories

Reminders about recommended preventive screenings based on age and gender

Activity and knowledge cards that unlock chances for weekly prizes

Additional features for members of The Prevention Plan include:

A link to the Prevention Score, a unique tool that tracks an individual’s prevention efforts and key health indicators throughout the year

Activity auto-uploaded to The Prevention Plan

Exercise, weight and calories tracked

The Prevention Plan is a clinically-based program designed to help people live healthier lives and avoid having health issues in the first place.  By tying this program into an app on smartphones it only makes it easier for users to actually accomplish what they set out to do: live a healthier life.

I have used a few different apps and gadgets like this, but I am really excited to see how effective Macaw really is.  The fact that it is free only makes it that much more interesting.

Macaw is currently available on the iPhone as well as Android systems.

For the full press release please follow this link.