Wanted: Healthcare IT Professionals Willing To Share “A Day In Your Life”

If you’re a regular reader of Healthcare IT Today, then you’ve probably run across our popular “Day In The Life” series  (and if you’re not, welcome)!  As the Healthcare IT industry continues to explode, so will the number of  job descriptions it will take to handle the load.  And as more and more professionals contemplate entering the workforce to assume those roles, it’s helpful to understand exactly what it is that these people are expected to do, know, and accomplish. By profiling Healthcare IT professionals in a wide variety of roles within the industry, it is our goal to feature as many career options as possible – to inform, educate, entertain, and explore all the possibilities – both for Healthcare IT industry newbies, and for existing industry professionals who are seeking a change.

That’s where you come in!  If you are currently working in the Healthcare IT industry and would be willing to let us tag along on a Day In Your Life, please let me know! You don’t have to be Hemingway to contribute – all entries follow a set format and will be tweaked and edited before publication to make sure you’re proud of your profile.  It’s a great chance to share your industry knowledge, and is also pretty fantastic PR for both your personal and company brands.  So what are you waiting for?  Chances are you’ve got a story or two to tell that would be valuable to our readers, and come on, admit it – wouldn’t it be fun to be (kinda/sorta/a wee little bit) famous?

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Gwen Darling

Gwen Darling is a Search Executive specializing in Healthcare IT, the Founder of Healthcare IT Central (the leading online Career Center for Healthcare IT job seekers and employers), and the Former Editor/Founder of Healthcare IT Today. Gwen also is a featured blogger for Healthcare Informatics magazine.