Thoughts and Comments from Digital Health Conference in New York

I think people have enjoyed a collection of my best tweets from the healthcare IT and EMR conferences I’ve been attending. If you don’t like them, let me know in the comments. I think they’re interesting since they’re nuggets of interesting topics. The following tweets come from the Digital Health Conference in New York. It’s been a really well attended event and includes a lot of the real health IT movers and shakers in the New York healthcare scene. Plus, they’ve had some really great content as well.

Here goes (with my comments after the tweet):!/ehrandhit/status/142247672965902337 is an interesting site. Still too new to decide its impact though.!/ehrandhit/status/142250294347169792
Todd Park did make a pretty compelling case for the healthcare data they’re going to make available from the government and it seems like they’re just getting started. I could see a lot of startups leverage that data in their companies. I wonder what assurance an entrepreneur will get that the data won’t get yanked.!/ehrandhit/status/142254975408553984
Simple examples like this is why mobile health is so fascinating.!/ehrandhit/status/142258354151112704
Todd Park really did do a great job. Attendees were commenting on how good he’d done all day. As Matthew Browning said, Practice Makes Perfect!!/ehrandhit/status/142278634751791104
Obviously a lot of interest in the HIE stuff and in the notifications that they can do.!/ehrandhit/status/142282665171755009
I know that NYC is large and has a lot of people, but I’m having a hard time understanding how it has 4 RHIO. Are there 4 regions in NYC? I’m sure there’s a long political story behind it.!/PeachBytes5/status/142278263987912704
This is why we’ll always need doctors. It’s just how they do what they do that will change.!/ehrandhit/status/142284597286289408
Such a good point. If they were actually getting all that information then they’d have reason to complain. Although, we can’t make the systems filter the flood properly when there’s no flood.!/ehrandhit/status/142323911919534080
Great funding story. I bet there’s even more to it than he shared. I’ll have to get him to share the rest some time.!/ehrandhit/status/142324598724239360
Great quote from Matthew. I don’t mind a little slow dancing, but the dance floor usually empties for the slow songs and is hopping with the rock songs. This is a pretty systemic problem in healthcare. I met one healthcare salesperson who said he was just contacted about a deal he’d worked on 3 years ago with a hospital. They contacted him to say that they’d finally closed the deal. Too bad this sales person is no longer at the company.

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