REC Physician Adoption, EHR Incentive Numbers, and Quality Care Reporting

Time again for the weekend EHR Twitter round up. Some interesting stats in this weekend roundup.!/HITNewsTweet/status/137545705618292737
It’s an interesting thing to note that they have 100,000 physicians signed up. The real numbers we need to know is how many of those 100,000 have achieved meaningful use, how many have implemented an EHR, and how many still need to select an EHR. Then, we’d really have an idea of how well the RECs are doing.!/ElinoreBoeke/status/137609228524331008
These numbers seem a little small for me. However, I think we’re going to have a flood of meaningful use attestation at the end of the year, so these numbers are likely a bit misleading.!/pjmachado/status/137267292089221120
This is an interesting point. Plus, it’s even more interesting when you think about care teams that are part of different organizations. The inconsistency becomes even more difficult.

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  • “RECs surpass 100,000 physician goal on #EHR adoption”

    Yet on what I read was …

    “Today, we’d like to acknowledge an important milestone in our journey toward national electronic health record (EHR) adoption: ONC’s Regional Extension Centers (RECs) have signed up more than 100,000 primary care providers! This means that roughly one third of the nation’s primary care providers have committed to meaningfully using EHRs by partnering with their local REC. Momentum is building!”

    Signing up 100k docs by RECS to work with them is a far cry from the RECs surpassing a 100k goal of docs actually adopting an EMR.

    Seems like some are getting in front of even the over the top hype pumped out by ONC.

  • Anecdotally, a lot of the providers we’ve talked to who have used the local REC have come away less than impressed. judging from my interactions with them (the REC), they still don’t seem to understand that installing a certified EMR is really the easy part of MU.

  • Matt,
    Well not all RECs are created equal. So, it’s hard to paint a broad brush, but I could see what you describe easily happen since many RECs don’t have many people with EHR domain experience.

  • True, John. In our case the person leading the REC is a very experienced friend of the governor. 🙂

    My main problem with ours, is A) charging providers $1k for EHR advice (on top of the federal and state funds they get, and B) pushing their “preferred” EHR vendors. The providers need information, not a sales call.

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