List of Healthcare IT Investments in 2011

On EMR Thoughts I’m always interested in taking a look at the various market trends happening in the healthcare IT space. So, I was pretty excited when I found a great spreadsheet by RockHealth that lists the venture funded health tech companies in 2011.

The list has 41 companies with $457.81 million in funding. Not to bad for healthcare IT. Plus, I know that there missing some of the other healthcare IT investment that happened in 2011. For example, CareCloud got a $20 million investment and they’re not found on the list. Plus, this list only looks at investments over $2 million. From what I’ve seen the smaller investments in healthcare IT have been really large.

Now for a look at the 41 companies that are on the RockHealth spreadsheet. It’s great to look at the various companies in healthcare IT that are getting money. Definitely some really interesting companies on this list.

ABILITY Network – $27M – Web-based healthcare network connecting providers and Medicare
Adflow Health Networks – $2.5M – Personal health kiosk
Alliance Healthcare Networks – $11M – Performance online marketing for healthcare
AssureRX – $19M – Medical platform technologies in various therapeutic areas
Avisena – $2.5M – Revenue cycle management and practice management solutions for healthcare organizaions
Awarepoint – $27M – workflow automation and tracking solutions to the acute care hospital marketplace
Azumio – $2.5M – Smart phone heart rate monitor
BAM Labs – $2.4M – Sleep monitoring device
Basis – $9M – Basis Band – heart rate monitor and activity monitor
BL Healthcare – $5M – Remote health management solutions
Digital Assent LLC – $7.5M – Patient check-in
Doximity, Inc. – $10.8M – Professional networking for physicians
EGHC – $61M – Diverse software and service offerings for healthcare and insurance delivery
Explorys, Inc. – $11.5M – Big Data for healthcare
Forerun, Inc. – $2M – Physician documentation for Emergency Medicine
goBalto – $5M – new generation web-based solutions that simplify how clinical trials are conducted in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries
Health Guru – $6M – Health videos for web
Healthrageous – $2.5M – Personal connected health
HealthTap, Inc. – $2.35M – Website for patients to find health information
HealthTeacher – $5.27M – Online health curricula for K12 teachers and health educators
Humedica, Inc. – $20M – Clinical informatics for hospitals, ambulatory, and life science organizations
Jan Medical, Inc. – $3.15M – Device to detect ischemic stroke
Kareo – $10M – Cloud-based practice management and medical billing software
Kyruus, Inc. – $5.5M – Big data analytics
Lumos Labs, Inc. (Lumosity) – $32.5M – Online tool for cognitive enhancement
Massive Health, Inc. – $2.25M – Chronic disease management
Modernizing Medicine, Inc. – $7.14M – Electronic medical assistant for dermatologists
MotherKnows – $3.3M – Child online health record for parents
My Health Direct, Inc. – $4M – Doctor-facing OpenTable for appointment management
Net Orange – $5M – Healthcare supply chain management.
OPTIMIZERx – $10M – Platform for health co-pay coupons, rebates and other prescription savings offers and information
Practice Fusion, Inc. – $23M – EMR marketed to doctors and groups
Resilient Network Systems, Inc. – $5M – Cloud computing, information sharing
Rethink Autism – $2.5M – Web-based autism training, assessment, and management
Sermo – $3.5M – Social network for doctors
Sharecare, Inc. – $8.75M – Quora for health
Teledoc – $18.6M – Telephone medical consultation services
Truveris – $3.8M – Health IT for managers of prescription benefit plans and payers under these plans (MDx Medical) – $12M – Online services enabling people to rate their doctor, book physician appointments and compare costs of medical procedures
Wellfount, Corp. – $6M – Medication dispensing system
ZocDoc – $50M – Open Table for doctors and dentists

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