MyCrisisRecords Update and Demo Video

A couple of months ago I wrote about a cool new product, mycrisisrecords.  It is a personal health record that can be accessed by emergency care personnel by simply scanning a QR code from a card in your wallet, calling a 24/7 call center, or inserting a USB flash drive.

Since first writing about it, they have developed a demo video, which you can find below, that shows the steps involved in registering for an account as well as how the whole thing works.  I was also sent a sample MyCrisis card to see just how easy it was to access life saving information.

It really was as simple as clicking a button on my smartphone and I had access to name, blood type, allergies, medications, health conditions, emergency contact numbers, and personal physician including phone number.  It would have only taken the push of a button to send an alert that there was an emergency so that the appropriate people could be contacted.

When I first wrote about it I wasn’t sure how easy it would really be, and with my life on the line I wasn’t sure I would want the paramedic pulling out his smart phone and waiting for an app to work, but it was incredibly fast.  The initial screen does not go in-depth with medical information, but it does give you the ability to do so if there is an actual emergency.

Having actually seen it in action I can now see the tremendous value this product can have, especially for people who have special medications or medical conditions.  We have all seen the bracelets people wear, and being in the military I have seen the special dog tags, but what could be simpler than carrying what amounts to a business card in your wallet or purse?  This also provides a wealth of information as opposed to one allergy or condition.

They also provide varying levels of membership that offer certain benefits such as how many times you can have your personal health record transmitted, special website access, and the option to buy the USB based my crisis capsule.  There is also an app for Apple and Android that is in development that will be available to all members.

This really is an amazingly simple concept that could provide tremendous peace of mind for people, especially those with life threatening medical conditions.