A Gilbert and Sullivan Take on Meaningful Use

A little video to brighten your weekend.

*Thanks to Carl Bergman from EHR Selector for pointing it out to me. For those unfamiliar with Gilbert and Sullivan, here’s their wikipedia page.

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Here are the lyrics in case you want to take your time reading them:
I am the model user of an EMR that’s meaningful
My patient’s information is computerized and digital
Each visit note and test result is easily retrievable
With speed and accuracy that is almost inconceivable!
It’s shared by every health provider who should need to see it all
And yet it’s safely kept behind a well-protected firewall
If somebody should hack into it that would be a federal crime
And if I share my password it’s for sure I’ll do some prison time

The demographic information I collect may seem absurd
There’s date of birth, race, gender, ethnic group and languages preferred.
In short, in matters medical, computerized and digital
I am the model user of an EMR that’s meaningful.

I reconcile each medication, noting every single pill
Except for controlled substances, I electronically refill
I check for interactions for each single drug I may prescribe
And allergies to medications that my patients may describe.
I take blood pressure, weight and height, and calculate their BMI
And check the box that says I told them if it is too low or high.
The system plots a growth chart I don’t need to do it manually
I ask each patient’s smoking status and update it annually.

I keep a current and updated patient diagnosis list
I send reminders to my patients to prevent appointments missed
I’m typing better than my Mom who once worked in a steno pool
I am a model user of an EMR that’s meaningful.

At each encounter’s end I print an after visit summary
I’m tracking 14 core objective measurements of quality
Plus 5 of 10 more menu set objectives chosen just for me
Will this improve the care I give or is it just frivolity?
It does not matter, ’cause my data pretty soon will be online
And patients who can see it will be judging me in no short time
Deciding if I am a doctor who provides them decent care
Based only on the numbers that the CMS report puts there.

It’s been 5 years since I have looked a patient straight into the eyes
Without my finger on the keys or else a laptop on my thighs
Though I have carpel tunnel syndrome, trigger thumb and shoulder pull,
I am a model user of an EMR that’s meaningful.

About the author

Carl Bergman

Carl Bergman

When Carl Bergman isn't rooting for the Washington Nationals or searching for a Steeler bar, he’s Managing Partner of EHRSelector.com.For the last dozen years, he’s concentrated on EHR consulting and writing. He spent the 80s and 90s as an itinerant project manager doing his small part for the dot com bubble. Prior to that, Bergman served a ten year stretch in the District of Columbia government as a policy and fiscal analyst, a role he recently repeated for a Council member.


  • I don’t know the writer, DR. Peggy Polaneczky, but anyone who combines Gilbert and Sullivan with Tom Lehrer’s The Elements can’t be all bad.

    Apparently, she is a New York City ObGyn, who in addition to her practice blogs on food, health and NYC. She’s at the Blog That Ate Manhattan, tbtam.com.

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