5th Avenue Acquisitions Purchases Serial Ventures, LLC

(NAPLES, FL) — 5th Avenue Acquisitions, a healthcare merger & acquisition firm based in Naples, Florida, recently purchased Serial Ventures, LLC, a business development firm based in New York City.  The move will help 5th Avenue Acquisitions reinforce its position in the healthcare acquisition market, hire new talent and grow internationally.

Serial Ventures was founded in 2005 by Aaron Plaat, an entrepreneur in online ventures, social media applications and online products.  The company provides venture capital to companies that are positioned to go public.

Reagan Rodriguez, CEO/Managing Partner at 5th Avenue Acquisitions said, “We were attracted to Serial Ventures by the vision of the management and the company’s deep market knowledge and expertise. We are delighted to support the future development of Serial Ventures alongside its founder.”

Aaron Plaat, Founder & Managing Director at Serial Ventures, added, “We have found in 5th Avenue Acquisitions a partner with true understanding of our market and a shared vision of the development potential of our business. Collaboration will enable growth and progress for all parties involved through a combination of the online innovations and tools used by Serial Ventures along with the successful application of 5th Avenue Acquisitions’ more standardized business practices.  It’s the perfect blend of traditional business with new innovations.”

Prior to founding 5th Avenue Acquisitions in 2011, Reagan Rodriguez was the Managing Partner of Rodriguez & Swanson, an acquisition firm focused on the dental industry and based in Columbus, Ohio, from 2002 to 2011.

Following the purchase of Serial Ventures, 5th Avenue Acquisitions plans to open 26 new offices throughout the U.S. in the next two years, using partner management at each location.  More information is posted at http://www.5thaavc.com/.