GE Healthcare Aligns with New York Regional Extension Center

GE Healthcare announced that it is aligning with the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC, the nation’s second-largest regional extension center) to increase physician EMR adoption and support meaningful use attainment in the state of New York. Under the agreement, GE will take a central role in NYeC’s plans to help providers understand the benefits of HIT and adopt the electronic health records systems in their practices.

Nation’s Second Largest REC Will Work with GE to Increase Physician Adoption of EMR

Today, GE Healthcare announced it has aligned with the nation’s second largest Regional Extension Center, New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), to increase physician EMR adoption and support meaningful use attainment in the state of New York.

“I am delighted that NYeC is partnering with GE Healthcare,” said David Whitlinger, Executive Director of NYeC. “The Meaningful Use program is a very important incentive for providers. Establishing a group of Meaningful Use partners will increase the number of providers who can receive services from NYeC and will help physicians, who have become EHR users, learn how to qualify for federal health information technology incentives. NYeC’s mission is to improve the quality of patient care through health information technology. This partnership program will contribute to that goal and benefit the public good.”

NYeC was founded in 2006 and later designated by the federal government and the State of New York to advance Health Information Technology (HIT) statewide–improving healthcare and reducing costs for all New Yorkers. While NYeC receives support and official designations from the state and federal governments, it is an independent collaborative.  NYeC partners with stakeholders from around the state and across the nation to promote innovation, provide the support, and establish the policies necessary to advance HIT in New York. To that end, NYeC communicates with providers to help them understand the benefits of HIT and adopt the electronic health records systems in their practices. NYeC is also an educational resource for providers and consumers about HIT in general. Under this agreement, GE Healthcare takes a central role in NYeC’s plans.

“The New York eHealth Collaborative plays a critical role in helping medical providers evaluate and select electronic medical records,” said Jim Corrigan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of GE Healthcare IT.  “By adding the power of Centricity solutions from GE Healthcare to their portfolio, the NYeC can offer solutions for practices sized from one provider to 100.  The regional extension center model offers an easy and effective method for medical providers to implement EMR.”

There are currently 62 government-funded Regional Extension Centers (RECs) across the United States, and GE aligns with more than half of them today.  GE Healthcare participates in RECs primarily through its two featured ambulatory products, Centricity* Advance and Centricity Practice Solution.  Both products featured integrated EMR and practice management solutions, backed by GE’s world-class support and service organization.  Centricity Advance is available exclusively as a software-as-a-service deployment, while Centricity Practice Solution can be deployed on-site or through a hosted model.

*Registered trademark of General Electric Company.


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