Striiv Launching a Portable Health Device That Requires No Input From You

Most of the apps and devices that are in development for healthcare out there require the user to input at least some amount of information.  At the very least every device requires you to push a power button, but Striiv has developed a new proprietary technology that allows users to track their physical activity to play games, and ultimately donate to charity.

This technology, called “TruMotion”, is put into a device about the size of an iPod Nano that can be attached to a belt loop or even a keychain.  During the day there is pretty much nothing you have to do as the device simply tracks your daily interactions such as walking, taking the stairs or actual exercise.  Your activity is translated to success in the games.

MyLand is the first game where as your activity increases, your island fills up with exotic plants and animals.  More games will come out over time and they will start to include other bonuses and rewards that have become so popular in most games.

Success in the games ultimately translates to donations to charity.  Initially the charities that Striiv has chosen are GlobalGiving to donate clean water to children in South America or a polio vaccine to children in India.  It really is a win win situation as you get exercise, and kids get something that quite literally can save their lives.

The device attaches to any computer using a USB port which makes it incredibly easy to go from tracking your activity on your keychain, to helping donate money to charity.  Co-founder David Wang says they are really trying to appeal to the mainstream but particularly women.  They think that combining gaming with real world movement, and essentially no input will revolutionize the fitness device sector.

The startup has raised $6 million from iD Ventures and a number of angel investors, which leads me to believe that there is some real merit to this idea.  $6 million is no small sum of money, and gives some real credibility to the idea.

They have not said where the device will be sold other than to say that they have a few big names they are discussing distribution with.  The device will retail for $99 and can be reserved right now on the company’s website.