WebPT EMR Adds Integrated Home Exercise Program to Help Physical Therapists Improve Patient Compliance

WebPT added a Home Exercise Program to their EMR so physical therapists can improve patience compliance. WebPT expects this feature will help save PT clinics costs associated with issuing print exercise programs, front office time, and improve the overall therapy of patients.

New Feature Gives Patients Cutting Edge Videos to Guide their Home Exercise Programs

(Phoenix, Ariz. October 6, 2011) –WebPT, the leading Electronic Medical Record system (EMR) for physical therapists, announces the release of the WebPT Home Exercise Program (HEP). The newest feature of the EMR system includes a library of videos, photos, line drawings and text descriptions to help patients comply with home exercise therapy programs. Managed and administered directly in the WebPT EMR system, HEP gives therapists the ability to customize and securely email exercise regimens to each patient at the touch of a button. Patients can then access their customized programs from home or on the go.

The majority of physical therapists currently provide patients with paper copies of line drawings that describe therapy exercises with the hope that the patients properly continue their therapy outside the clinic. This outdated approach is both costly and ineffective.  By using the WebPT Home Exercise Program, therapists now have access to a library of over 2,200 exercise videos and other content to provide patients with a better understanding of their prescribed exercise program. Studies have shown that video-based home exercise programs improve patient compliance. WebPT adds an additional level of convenience by delivering the program online. This allows patients to access their customized program from home, the office, the gym, or anywhere Internet access is available.

“With insurances limiting the number of allowable visits for Physical Therapy, HEP compliance is essential for obtaining optimal outcomes in PT treatment, as successful healing is largely dependent on how well patients do their exercises outside of therapy sessions,” says Heidi Jannenga, PT, MPT, ATC/L, co-founder and COO for WebPT. “Once they leave the clinic, patients can get confused about how to correctly do each exercise. With the WebPT Home Exercise Program, patients are given photos and videos of their personalized plan, which can drastically improve patient performance and progress. It also gives them the new freedom of being able to keep up their regimens when they travel as they can access their programs from their mobile devices.”

Physical therapists using the WebPT Home Exercise Program as part of their EMR package will reduce the time spent on writing, printing and explaining the individual exercise regimens, while simultaneously improving compliance with the program. Clinics will also reduce printing costs by eliminating paper copies of exercise drawings. The net result is better efficiency for the therapist, reduced costs at the clinic, and improved patient success with home exercise regimens.

“EMR software should go beyond record management,” said Paul Winandy, CEO of WebPT. “The right EMR system should not only save you time and improve your workflow, it should also help improve treatment and bolster your bottom line. We are the first EMR to provide this level of specialization for physical therapy and are proud to go the extra mile to assist PTs in providing the best treatment possible for their patients.”

More information on WebPT Home Exercise Program can be found at: http://www.webpt.com/features/hep

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