Six Healthcare Companies That You Haven’t Heard of, but Should Learn About

With the growth of mHealth apps and gadgets it is becoming increasingly difficult to know which ventures are worth the time and which ones are simply trying to take advantage of a good situation.  Stephanie Baum of recently compiled a list of 6 emerging healthcare companies that are worth a second look.

While not all of their offerings are unique, they all have the possibility of making waves in the industry.  It has to be hard for anybody looking to invest to put very much into mHealth companies with how many there are, and their as yet unproven profitability.  At this point it is also difficult to know who to trust when it comes to magazines and websites promoting certain apps or gadgets.

It will be best for everyone involved if somebody can establish a company with serious credibility that can back some of these ventures which would give investors at least a little more stable platform to put their money into.