Actual Debates on Stage Planned for Connected Health Symposium in Boston

UPDATE: I’m also going to be doing a healthcare IT event in Boston with ScratchMM if you’re not going to the conference and still want to come meet me. Just register for the event here so we know how many are coming.

Many of you might remember that I posted about the Connected Health Symposium in Boston (and a $400 discount code for the event) that I’ll be attending. Well, today I got an email about the event that was incredibly intriguing.

The email said that they’re going to have people on stage that actually disagree with each other. What a novel concept! To be honest, that is one of my pet peeves about many panels. It’s like this huge love fest. I don’t think I’ve ever sat on a panel where I was like that. Maybe it’s just not my nature as a blogger, but I like to discuss all angles of a conversation. Even if I agree with something someone is said, I’m happy to explain why other people might disagree with our thinking. I call it playing devil’s advocate. Obviously, I have nothing to sell, so it’s easy for me to do it, but I understand why others can’t do it as well.

Either way, I’m excited that Connected Health Symposium is making an effort to provide all angles of a conversation. Here’s a list of example sessions that will be “debates:”

  • Resolved: Current Approaches to Patient Self-Management Do Little to Improve Quality or Lower Costs.   In full agreement with the resolution is Shahid Shah, CEO of Netspective and analytic mastermind behind the HealthCareITGuy blog.  Disagreeing is Joseph Kvedar, MD, Director of Partners Center for Connected Health.   Cynthia Bouthot of the Collaborative Innovation Group moderates and promises a spirited exchange.
  • Resolved: ACOs – Nice Idea, Won’t Work!   Agreeing is Jeff Goldsmith, PhD, President, Health Futures, and Associate Professor of Public Health Services at the Univ. of Virginia.  Disagreeing is Timothy Ferris, MD, MPH, Medical Director, Mass. General Physicians Organization; Senior Scientist, Partners/MGH Institute for Health Policy.  Lawrence Vernaglia, JD, Healthcare Industry Chair at Foley & Lardner, moderates the discussion and maintains the peace.
  • Resolved: For Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring, the Business Model of the Future Isn’t Direct Reimbursement; It’s Bundled and Global Payments.  Agreeing is Vince Kuraitis, JD, MBA, Principal of Better Health Technologies.   Disagreeing is Jasper zu Putlitz, MD, President of Robert Bosch Healthcare.  Setter of the pace and keeper of the clock is moderator Joan Lebow, JD, Principal at Lebow, Malecki & Tasch.

I hope to meet some other people at the event in Boston. I always enjoy a good friendly debate. My favorite people in the world are people who can have an educated disagreement and still be friends after.

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