Wondering How to Network? Find Healthcare IT Events Like This in Your Town

Many people ask me how to network more effectively and I guess I have to keep reminding myself that networking does not come as naturally to many people as it does to others.  Well when it comes to networking, the HIMSS organization presents GREAT opportunities.  HIMSS organizes on THE most popular yearly national healthcare IT conference each year with over 25,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors.  (This year’s conference is in Las Vegas Feb 20-24 so you should be making plans now).  In addition to the  national conference, HIMSS provides many local and virtual conferences as well.   I am a member of the Alabama HIMSS organization and I know that we are really excited about the lineup of speakers we have arranged for our 2011 Fall Conference and the great opportunities that we are providing to network as a result!

The following is a subset of the speaker list that will educate on Meaningful Use, Security, 5010 and ICD-10 and More :

I think you get the idea.  HIMSS provides local opportunities to learn from and network with real “rock stars” of the Healthcare IT industry.  I would pay big bucks for this opportunity to network, learn and have a little fun but I don’t have to.  As a HIMSS member, the conference is only $90 for me.  I can not think of a better value for the time and money that I will devote to my own career development this fall.

If you live in or around the Gulf Coast, DO NOT hesitate.  Go here to review the agenda and register and read this, this, and this about networking before you attend.

If you don’t live in or around Gulf Coast, spend 30 minutes today finding an event like this in your town.  Need help finding something?  Tweet me @Resultant to ask for pointers.  Not on Twitter? Then just leave a comment and I will respond ASAP!

A quick Google search found these upcoming events that you may want to check out:

2011 Alabama HIMSS Fall Conference Oct 5-7, 2011 Grand Hotel Point Clear, AL

2011 HIMSS Chapters Summit of the Southeast Sep 28-29, 2011 Opryland Hotel Nashville, TN

All Fall 2011 HIMSS Events

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