New Smartphone Device May Bring Brain Scanning Home

An amazing new gadget has been developed by researchers from the Technical University of Denmark.  They have developed a portable EEG device that can monitor brain activity using a Nokia N900 smartphone.  According to an article from this new device would allow people to monitor their brain activity from the comfort of their homes without having to go in for an expensive procedure.

The system also uses a commercially available Emotive EPOC wireless EEG headset and a specially designed app.  Using these tools together, multiple users can monitor their brain waves while working together on a task.  That should provide interesting insights into how our brains work individually.

It can also be hooked up with more powerful computers to provided in depth analysis of the information.  While it will likely not replace traditional scanners, not will it become something that everyday people will use, it could become extremely useful.  It could allow people to save time and money by being tested at home rather than making expensive doctors visits.

This also seems to be the general trend of mobile medical devices.  Creating the ability to do things at home that previously required a visit to the doctor.  It will be interesting to see how many of these devices actually achieve widespread adoption.

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