Argenal Pediatric, Powered by Cerner: A Testimonial

“Doctors who have never experienced EMR or have limited experience, they feel that it’s only a burden. But if they only realized that you can copy and paste — you can fill precompleted notes from your files. When I do a precompleted note, something that is pretty standard in my practice, it might take me a minute or two at the most to complete the entire chart with a pretty decent amount of documentation.”

Step into Dr. Rodrigo Argenal’s Pediatric office in McAllen, Texas. From the beginning, Dr. Argenal has kept everything in the office electronic since Day One of opening his practice. Dr. Wells recently joined Dr. Argenal’s office from a 25 year practice where she operated on only paper. “Within a month or so, she was a master at it,” says Dr. Argenal.

Dr. Argenal has a unique style of practice, taking his laptop into each room with him so he can show patient growth charts and review previous visits, because “When it comes to patient care in pediatrics, a lot of detail makes a big difference. At a click of a button, I can see all of my previous visits and things that may be pertinent to particular that visit.”



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