meridianEMR Welcomes its Largest Customer

meridianEMR®, the market leader in EHR for Urology, is proud to announce the addition of Comprehensive Medical Center (CMC), its largest customer to date with 44 providers. CMC is Michigan’s leading large urology group dedicated to excellence in patient care with integrity and compassion while supporting urologic research and education.

When several practices merged to form CMC, two of its Urology groups were already happy meridianEMR clients. These clients had the experience of using meridianEMR every day and knew it would be the right choice for the larger CMC practice. Dr. Glenn Betrus, M.D., CMC, one of the original doctors using the system commented, “We use meridianEMR and love it. One of the things we pride ourselves on at CMC is our state-of-the-art technology. meridianEMR is a welcomed addition because it helps us improve patient care and office efficiency.”

Donald Moylan, M.D., President, CMC added, “As we built our large group, we knew there were other sizeable, highly successful practices like The Urology Group (Cincinnati), Urology San Antonio, Houston Metro Urology, and Commonwealth Urology (Lexington, KY) that have been using meridianEMR. We talked to these groups at the LUGPA meetings and verified that they were extremely satisfied with the meridianEMR software and support they received. It became clear meridianEMR has an excellent track record with large practices and that they are the market leader in EHR for Urology for a reason.”

meridianEMR is able to deliver what large practices like CMC need in order to be successful with their EHR. Larry G. Drappi, EVP of Sales and Marketing, meridianEMR, commented, “The product is specifically designed to maximize efficiency for the way large Urology groups run their practices. It streamlines and optimizes their workflow with special large group features. Also appealing to large practices is meridianEMR’s unique ability to interface with hundreds of practice management systems, HIEs, hospitals, and laboratories, as well as special interfaces with Urological equipment like Laborie® and LifeTech Urodynamics® Systems, Siemens Clinitek Urinalysis®, and many others.” “Yet  another distinguishing factor with meridianEMR is that we are also able to serve large Urology practices with the same level of support we do for small practices, including trainers with unparalleled Urology office experience and personalized, very thorough customer service,” explained Drappi.

Dr. Mahmood Hai, M.D., FICS, CMC, is a Urologist renowned worldwide for his pioneering work with the GreenLight™ LaserTherapy (American Medical Systems®) for the treatment of BPH. He also gives a post-graduate course at the Annual AUA meeting on establishing, accrediting, and managing a successful office based urological surgical practice. Dr. Hai acquired his first EMR system over 10 years ago and has been using meridianEMR since 2008 commenting, “The meridianEMR system is an excellent program, which in addition to being intelligent, easy to use and complete, has an outstanding support system. It was the EMR of choice for our large urology group of over 40 physicians.”

“We are pleased to welcome CMC to meridianEMR. The practice is a significant addition to our rapidly growing customer base of over 1,000 Urology providers and 12,500 Urology staff users. We look forward to exceeding their expectations and to serving them for years to come,” Michael J. Custode, CEO, meridianEMR.

About meridianEMR 

meridianEMR is the market leader in EHR for Urology, offering an interoperable solution compatible with physician practice management systems and advanced healthcare analytics. The meridianEMR, Inc. application is ONC-ATCB certified as a complete EHR, CCHIT certified® until 2014, and Surescripts® certified. The interoperability of the meridianEMR software is driven by the proprietary mXchange™ technology, which services all meridianEMR clients through a private, highly secure, real-time data exchange network. meridianEMR has a user base of over 1,000 practicing Urologists nationwide comprised of a wide range of practice sizes.

Current meridianEMR Metrics:

  • 1,000+ Urology providers
  • 12,500 Urology staff users
  • 15 million mXchange transactions per day
  • 1.5 million active Urology patients
  • 50,000 e-scripts per month