It’s National Health IT Week! Unlimited Free Job Postings on!

National Health IT Week is this week and here at Healthcare IT Central we’re in the mood to celebrate, and you should be, too!  What a fantastic time for us to be a part of this opportunity-rich industry – talk about being in the right place at the right time!

In thinking how best to celebrate, we wanted to come up with something that would equally excite both job seekers and employers, and then it hit us:

What better way to party than to offer FREE JOB POSTINGS for the entire month of September?!

That’s right – entirely free. And better yet, they are unlimited, so whether you have 7 jobs or 700 jobs – go ahead and post ’em.   Start posting right this minute to take full advantage of the celebration!

Posting is easy.  Register (if you haven’t already), and post.  Repeat.  And if you need help, ask – we’re excited about our celebration and want you to be, too!

We are looking forward to seeing your opportunities on the board.  And by the way, when you post a position on Healthcare IT Central, it is automatically posted here on Healthcare IT Today, on our social media channels and in some other pretty strategic places, as well – so get ready to really have a reason to celebrate!

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Gwen Darling

Gwen Darling is a Search Executive specializing in Healthcare IT, the Founder of Healthcare IT Central (the leading online Career Center for Healthcare IT job seekers and employers), and the Former Editor/Founder of Healthcare IT Today. Gwen also is a featured blogger for Healthcare Informatics magazine.