Labor Day

For those of you that were expecting a meaningful use monday post, I’m sorry. Don’t worry though, Lynn will be back with another Meaningful Use Monday post next week. It is Labor Day after all. Although, I saw a great tweet or Facebook status that said, “Why in America do we take the day off on Labor day?” I love plays on words. They also asked why we put a tree in our house for Christmas and not Arbor day.

I must admit that Labor day has become pretty inconsequential for me. Football has already started. My son’s been in school for a week already. Blogging for myself, it’s not like I really get a day off. Plus, we don’t live close to family, so there aren’t even any big family parties.

With that said, I am glad to have the summer behind us. Maybe that’s a function of living in Las Vegas. I’m beginning to understand why retired people come to Vegas in winter and head to cooler areas for summer. Maybe one day I’ll achieve that dream. Although, I also must admit that there’s something comforting about getting back into the routine of school and other activities. Maybe this is a function of younger kids being home all summer.

I must admit that this Labor Day my thoughts have been with many of those who are without jobs. It’s a crazy economic and political environment that we’re in now. I’m afraid we’re looking at a slow recovery and so we’re going to be in the current situation for a while to come.

My one consolation is that there are now 10 writers on the blog network. That’s pretty good considering a year and a half ago when I quit my day job it was just me. I hope I can continue to grow the network and provide even more people income writing about EMR and Health IT. I’m lucky to be associated with such amazing writers. If you don’t know what I mean, go check out some of the other blogs.

Now, time for a little family time. I hear making a fort with my kids is on the agenda today. I love being a kid again.

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